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Our food supply is not secure. Food shocks caused by climate disasters, war and new trade barriers are a real threat. We need to get ready to face them.

We need to build a reliable and affordable supply of food for all - in the cities, the Valleys and our rural areas. We must do this in a way that also cuts carbon emissions and builds back nature.

This means:
> More food grown in Wales, creating new jobs in farming, with new skills.
> New supply chains from Welsh farms into our cities, the Valleys and our rural areas, with farms receiving a fair price.
> Plans to protect people from sudden price rises and supply failures, particularly less advantaged communities.

We work in South East and Central Wales.

Our projects


We’re building new affordable farms and we're recruiting a new generation of farmers.

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Shorter supply chains, better prices for farmers.

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Advocating Welsh Government policy to build reliable and affordable supply of food for all.

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The challenges we face

food security

Unreliable food supply

The global food supply chains we rely on are being undermined by climate change, political and economic instability and war. We are extremely exposed to food supply failures.


Carbon emissions

Food and drink consumption is by far the biggest driver of carbon emissions in our National Park, nearly 50% more than either home energy or vehicle fuel.

water pollution

Water pollution

Pollution from farming and sewage is killing our rivers.

bare land

Access to land

There are currently few incentives for landowners to grow fruit and veg for the local economy. Meanwhile those who want to start farming cannot access land.

unprotected farmland underwater

Farming under pressure

Existing farming is under incredible pressure, driven by climate change and low prices forced by global supply chains controlled by just a handful of powerful transnational food giants.

young girl holding veg

The young are leaving

Unaffordable housing and the lack of good jobs is driving young people away and decimating rural communities.

How you can get involved

If you’re interested in supporting or contributing to food security in Wales, we want to hear from you.

Seeking land?

We’re starting to build new small fruit and veg farms. Get in touch if you want to hear about these as they become available.


Have land for a new farming enterprise?

We'll be buying and leasing land. Check out our criteria for suitable sites.


Curious about our food system?

We’re supporting community food leader groups to act on food, building food security, reducing carbon emissions, educating school children and creating local jobs. Get in touch if you’re interested.

local veg

Thank you to our supporters!

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