Our Food 1200

Our aim is to secure 1200 acres of land in 3-10 acre plots across Bannau Brycheiniog and Powys for modern, regenerative fruit and vegetable farming for local markets.

We are an implementation partner for the radical new management plan of the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park, pursuing radical objectives for food, climate, nature and people.

We want to build a resilient farming system that:

Our Strategy

In collaboration with partners, we are working to:

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Buy land into community ownership for new small farms

We’re developing a plan to seek and buy land that can be developed into small farms with homes.


Re-purpose public land

We’ve worked in Powys on a feasibility study to divide a county farm into a group of four small 3-10 acre holdings with affordable homes. There are 130 county farms in Powys, mainly in the north of the county. We believe this is a model for using all publicly owned land to rebuild a resilient food system.


Engage existing farmers and landowners

We’re inviting farmers and landowners to adopt regenerative farming practices, as well as land-sharing, enterprise stacking, leasing and local growing covenants to permit growing for the local commmunity, allowing small farming enterprises with homes to be created on their land.


Influence planning policy

We’re working with the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority and Powys County Council on new planning guidance to permit farmers to live on small commercial fruit and vegetable farms. We commissioned a report on how to change planning regulations.

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Find new farmers

We’re working with Black Mountains College to develop a flow of new farmers into the region through their horticulture course.

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Regional network of farms

We’re building a network of small farms, currently numbering 20. A strong network supporting marketing, inter-trading and workforce development is a vital piece of infrastructure for the future flourishing of this sector. The network has launched a marketing website, Bannau Acres.

The Challenges we Face


Unreliable food supply

Food supply chains on which we are absolutely dependent are being undermined by climate change and war. We are extremely exposed to food supply failures.


Carbon emissions

Food and drink consumption is by far the biggest driver of residential carbon emissions in our region


Water pollution

Phosphate and nitrate pollution from farming and sewage is killing our rivers and is now so severe that new home building has been suspended across the Wye and Usk catchments.


Access to land

There are currently few incentives for landowners to grow fruit and veg for the local economy. Meanwhile those who want to start, cannot access land.


Farming under pressure

Existing farming is under incredible pressure, principally driven by low prices forced by current supply chains.


The young are leaving

Unaffordable housing and the lack of good jobs is driving young people away and decimating rural communities.

Acres so far

Acres to go

More years to do it in

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