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Small farm

Affordable Farms

We're building affordable small farms for a new generation of farmers.

Our projects

Powys farm plan

Affordable farm pilot

Three new small farms with homes on Powys County Farmland in 2025.
In partnership with Powys County Council and Social Farms & Gardens.

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Building a Farmland Trust

Buying land into community ownership and developing it as small farms with homes.

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Luke seeding

Revising planning guidelines

Working with planning authorities to develop new planning guidelines to enable new farms with homes and infrastructure.

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Leased farmland

Leasing farmland

We're inviting farmers to lease land to new farmers.

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Luke & Rebecca

Recruiting new farmers

From the local area, from diverse communities in our cities, and from among skilled young people across UK.

Starting with pilot farms in Powys

Securing financial support for young farmers

Helping young people without capital wealth to start farming.

We commissioned a short film, Our Food, Our Future, about the struggles of young farmers to find land in our region. It was filmed by Florence Browne and produced by our Director, Adam Alexander.

Our Food, Our Future, 2024

Our goal

Our goal is to secure 1200 acres of land in 3-10 acre plots across Powys, Bannau Brycheiniog National Park and Monmouthshire for modern, commercial, agroecological fruit and vegetable farming for local markets.

We want new farming enterprises that:

small-scale farming

Are small-scale, highly productive and commercially viable.

local veg

Help provide food security for Wales.

bare land

Give the asset poor, particularly our young people, a chance to access land and start a small-scale fruit and veg farming enterprise.

Local market

Promote community through local trading and shared community ownership of our landscape – a “foundational economy”.

agroecological growing

Use agroecological methods that: avoid pollution; purposefully fix carbon in the soil and build soil health and biodiversity; produce a lot of food in a small area, so that more land can be left for nature recovery.

local supply chains

Create short, locally-owned supply chains that keep money flows and profits local and at a scale that creates new opportunities for all local farmers.

Reduce the impact of what we eat and drink on carbon emissions and deforestation across the world.

vegetable market

Make fresh, nutritious, locally grown fruit and veg available to everyone in our region, including nearby cities.


Provide communities with opportunities for education and training and help build new connections with and understanding of our land.

Celebrate our local heritage varieties and conserve them for future generations.

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