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We’re looking for farmers and landowners willing to lease small plots of land, typically 3-5 acres, so that we can rebuild horticulture in our region. Regenerative horticulture can include pigs and poultry (meat and eggs), which form part of a natural ecosystem that builds the soil.

Typically suitable land should be in a relatively sunny location and reasonably level or gently sloping, have road access, a water source either mains or private supply, and not be prone to flooding. Growers might want to put up one or more polytunnels.

Once we have identified suitable land, we’ll seek growers from a UK-wide network of people ready to start farming but unable to find land. Once a match has been made, you can either draw up a lease contract directly with the growers or lease the land to Our Food 1200 for us to sub-lease.

Or you may wish to start your own regenerative horticulture enterprise.  If so you can benefit from all the things we are doing to support fruit & veg growing in our region.

The benefits for you


Create new jobs.  This type of farming aims to employ one person per acre.

Strengthen community as farmers and other residents do business together.


The key aim of regenerative farming is to improve soil health.  This fixes carbon and enhances biodiversity.

Reduce food miles – produce will be sold locally.

Local Economy

Keeps money local. Direct-to-consumer sales mean growers keep more of the profits.

Sales to local people create supply chains for all farms to use.

If you are interested, please get in touch.

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