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Local market

New Markets

Building new supply chains for local fruit and vegetables to reach regional and nearby urban markets: a foundation for food security.

Fruit and vegetables are a particular opportunity for farmers. Prices are rising as climate change, war and economic barriers affect international supply chains. Demand is growing as people change their diets. At the same time, major urban centres are becoming aware of the need for greater food security, and are looking for a more diverse food supply, including more food from surrounding rural areas. The problem is that there are no supply chains. If farmers grow fruit and vegetables, where do they sell them?

Three expanding markets: community, procurement, cities

Good Food loop


We'll develop a local food loop in Powys, inspired by Tamar Grow Local’s “Good Food Loop”. We'll do this jointly with Bwyd Powys, the region’s Sustainable Food Partnership.

Procurement Hub

Local procurement

Powys County Council has recently made a decision to procure more locally grown food for schools, with a requirement that it's grown agroecologically. This is an important parallel development to our work in expanding markets.

Birmingham wholesale market


We are working with Lantra Wales to build connections between entrepreneurial growers in Powys and buyers in Birmingham and Cardiff. We'll develop a supply chain owned locally, to keep profits ‘near the roots’, drawing inspiration from successful examples elsewhere in the UK and in Europe.

Louise & Hawk, Primrose

Bannau Acres farmer network

We’ve built a network of small agroecological farms, which is steadily growing. This is a foundation for future growth of supply and demand.