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Leasing farmland: our criteria

Leased farmland

We are seeking land that can be used for small, primarily fruit and vegetable farms serving local markets. These farms:

  • > Grow mostly fruit and vegetables. Some may include small numbers of livestock to help build soil fertility and provide additional income streams.
  • > Are commercial enterprises providing a living for one family.
  • > Are run by experienced growers.
  • > Avoid harmful chemicals and use agroecological methods to build soil health and fix carbon in the soil.

The picture above is of a farm on leased land in Crickhowell.

Below are the criteria for land suitable for leasing. If you have land and think you can meet these criteria, do please get in touch! 


3-10 acres, mostly flat, south-facing.

Not liable to flooding.


Connection to electricity.

Connection to water.

Road access for deliveries.

A home

This kind of farming needs 24-hour presence. Some farmers have young children or are planning a family.

If there is no existing accommodation, we recommend a log cabin of Nissen barn that can be delivered on a lorry and removed again when the farm stops operating. Caravans are not suitable.

The accommodation needs to be connected to services or able to operate fully off-grid.

Security of tenure

Serious farmers need security of tenure, 5-10 years, in order to take the risks of investing in the farm.

Leasing contracts can have break clauses in case things go wrong.

Permission to build infrastructure

For example: veg beds, polytunnels, washing/packing shed, cold store, hard standing, off-grid energy generation if required.

A lease contract can require all infrastructure to be removed at the end of the lease.


The farmers and landowners will need to work together to secure planning permissions once the exact specifications of the farm are known. The National Park Authority and Powys County Council are revising their planning guidance because they favour the expansion of this kind of farming. During this time of change, direct conversation with the planning authorities is recommended.

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